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Next Launch
September 16

    CLIO, a secret satellite procured by an unidentified US Government Agency
    - Booster: Atlas V (501)/Centaur
    - Launch date: 2014-09-16
For status updates, Visit http://LaunchInfo.Com on your mobile phone's web browser, and tap 1 on your dialpad. Data rates apply.

    Dragon SpaceX-4, An unmanned cargo delivery mission to the International Space Station under a NASA Commercial Resupply Services contract.
    - Booster: Falcon 9 v1.1
    - Launch date: 2014-09-19, 02:38amEDT (06:38 UTC)

    AsiaSat 6, AsiaSat 6 will support direct broadcasting, private networks and broadband connectivity for customers in China, India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
    - Booster: Falcon 9 v1.1
    - Launch date: 2014-09-xx

    Navstar IIF-8, Navstar Global Positioning System Satellite
    - Booster: Atlas V (401)/Centaur
    - Launch date: 2014-10-29

    Orbcomm OG2 F2, Six (6) Orbcomm Generation Two (OG2) satellites will be launched on a single SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.1 booster into LEO (Low Earth Orbit)
    - Booster: Falcon 9 v1.1
    - Launch date: 2014-11-xx

Launch Viewing Sites
LISATS Point near Port Canaveral is where ham radio operators invite tourists to watch the launch with them, and hear the launch audio from the 146.940 MHz Ham Repeater.
Space View Park in Titusville overlooks historic Launch Complex 39, where Space Shuttles and the Apollo lunar missions launched from. Unmanned launches from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station are visible, with food and restrooms within waking distnce.

Click here for a
Complete Canaveral Spaceport Launch Calendar

Click to find out
What happened during a Space Shuttle Countdown

This is the Web Page for space·launch·info, a web site to inform visitors to Titusville Florida, and the surrounding Space Coast about the rocket launch they hope to witness while they are here. Feel free to check out the information here, and at the Space Launch Viewing FAQ Page, where more information is located.

We no longer send out launch status text messages. When we started the text mesages in 1995, no one was doing it well, and the service we used has closed up shop. Since then SpaceFlightNow.Com sends launch status text messages. We rely on the SpaceFlight Now tweets and highly reccomend them.

For "Launch Status" of the current launch campaign on your mobile phone's web browser, visit M.SpaceLaunchInfo.Com and press the "1" key on your phone's dialpad, or tap the graphic of the "1" key at the top of the page. Data rates will apply.
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