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.. BookletICON.pdf, 2019-10-09, 9:25 amEDT (13:25 UTC) This launch will NOT be visible from shore. Next=>Starlink1.pdf,   2019-10-17 (Time TBD)   The second batch of 60 satellites for the Starlink constellation.   This launch on a Falcon 9 rocket is expected to have it's 1st stage return to Landing Zone 1 at Cape Canaveral. Booklet-GPS-III-A02.pdf, GPS III SV03 Magellan - 2019-08-22 9:00 amEDT (13:00 UTC) AEHF05.pdf, 2019-08-08, 6:13 amEDT (10:13 UTC) AMOS17.pdf, 2019-08-03, 7:28 pmEDT (23:28 UTC) SPX-18.pdf, 2019-07-25, 6:01 pmEDT (22:01 UTC) SPX-18scrub.pdf, 2019-07-24, 6:24 pmEDT (22:24 UTC) Booklet-GPS-III-A03.pdf, GPS III SV03 Columbus AA-2, Booklet for the Ascent Abort test of the Orion Capsule, 2019-07-02, 11:00 amEDT Booklet-STP02.pdf, 2019-06-22, 11:30 amEDT (03:30 UTC +1day) Starlink 0 2019-05-24, 10:30 pmEDT (02:30 UTC +1day) Booklet-SPX-17.pdf, 2019-04-25, 06:20 amEDT (10:20 UTC) Booklet-ArabSat6A.pdf 2019-04-09, 6:36 pmEDT (22:36 UTC) Booklet-ArabSat6A-OLD.pdf 2019-04-07, 6:36 pmEDT (22:36 UTC) (DELAY) Booklet-WGS-10.pdf 2019-03-15, 6:56 pmEDT (scheduled) 8:26 pmEDT, 00:26 UTC actual BookletICON.pdf, 2019-04-xx, TBD Booklet-DragonCrewDemo1.pdf 2019-03-02 02:48 amEST Booklet-psn6.pdf 2019-02-21 8:45 EST (02-22 01:45 UTC) Booklet-GPS-III-A01.pdf 2018-12-23, 8:51 amEST Booklet-GPS-III-A01181216.pdf 2018-12-18, 9:24 amEST (Scrubbed) Booklet-SPX-16.pdf, 2018-12-04 1:38 pmEST Booklet-SPX-16-Bad.pdf, 2018-12-04 1:38 pmEST BookletEs-Hail2.pdf, 2018-11-15, 3:46 pmEST (20:46 UTC) BookletAEHF4.pdf, 2018-10-17, 12:15 amEDT (10-18 00:15 UTC) BookletTelesat18V.pdf, 2018-08-26 11:33 pmEDT BookletTelesat19V.pdf, 2018-07-22 01:50 amEDT Booklet-SPX-15.pdf, 201-06-29, 05:41 amEDT Booklet-SES-12.pdf, 2018-06-01 Booklet-Bangabandhu.pdf, 2018-05-11 - Bangabandhu Launch Booklet Booklet-BangabandhuOLD.pdf, 2018-05-10 Launch Attempt Booklet Booklet-TESS.pdf, 2018-04-18 - TESS Satellite Launch Booklet BookletAFSPC11.pdf, 2018-04-14 - AFSPC-11 Launch Booklet Booklet-GOES-S.pdf, 2018-03-01 - GOES-S Launch Booklet BookletHispasat-9.pdf bookletExplorerI.pdf, 1958-01-31      = The Washington Post did an article on "The Comeback Coast".
As a Web Extra, they did a video including Space View Park.
Click the arrow marked 6:09 for the full video.
(The video is complimentary to The Washington Post, article)

  Channel 6 report on Space View Park


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