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About the Espresso Machine on the International Space Station

The following web pages cover the ISSpresso machine used to make espresso aboard the International Space Station:

The Lavazza Coffee Company of Italy worked with the European Space Agency to
 develope the ISSpresso Machine and the coffee sent to the International
 Space Station. 

The Publix supermarket chain (with stores near the Canaveral Spaceport) now
 carries Lavazza coffee. When I go to Space View Park in Titusville to
 provide Launch Audio for the 100 to 200 people that show up to witness a
 launch, I sometimes bring my one-cup Melita cone, some Publix #2 Cone Coffee
 Filters, and some hot water in a Thermos to make ISS presso one the spot.

Ozzie gets Lavazza ISSpresso covered in Florida Today newspaper

Ozzie and Lavazza ISSpresso made with Melitta Cone
Titusville resident Robert "Ozzie" Osband is a fixture for launch viewing at Space View Park. He provides the launch audio for spectators, and brews up Lavazza espresso, the brand of coffee on the International Space Station.
The first espresso in outer space (Lavazza Press Release) 2014: Coffee in space Another press release from Lavazza NASA: ISSpresso (ISSpresso) - 11.22.16 the Guardian: Making gravity-free espresso in space really is rocket science ISSPresso The Wikipedia listing ISSpresso.pdf, Ozzie's press release for the SpaceX Launch Party, 2017-02-18 Bloomberg: NASA Cracked the Zero-G Espresso Problem Space.Com: Lattes in Space! Espresso Machine Will Launch to Space Station A zero-gravity cup lets astronauts get a handle on their coffee From Public Radio International Collect Space: To boldly brew: Astronaut uses ISSpresso to make first cup of coffee in space Discover Magazine