Next space launch event from Cape Canaveral.

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1   OG2 F21, Orbcomm Generation 2, Flight 2. 11 (eleven) OG-2 satellites will be delivered to orbit.

2 Full Status Page.2 Video coverage begins 20 min before launch time. including video feed.

- Payload: OA-4, A Dragon Supplyh Capsule to the International Space Station.
- Booster: Falcon 9
- Launch date: 2015-12-19, 8:25:01 pmEST* (2015-12-20 01:25)
This launch date has NOT yet been scheduled, but has been requested by the contractor)

* Time of launch has not yet been announced, but was calculated by SpaceLaunchInfo.Com based on mission rendezvous requirements.
Check back every few days. The below launches may become rescheduled ahead of this one.

Directions to Space View Park, Titusville. On the Indian River overlooking the Kennedy Space Center.

The US Space Walk Of Fame Museum should be a Point Of Interest in your GPS Reciever. If not, put in 308 Pine St in Titusville FL.

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4 Fresh Keps Menu, Links to Keplerian Elements, the mathematical variables used by Satellite Tracking programs. +
5 Directions to Space View Park, a great place to view Atlas, Delta, and Falcon launches.
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Future launches from the Canaveral Spaceport.

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EchoSat 23, A Geostationary telecommunications satellite for EchoStar of Colorado.
- Booster: Falcon9
- Launch Date: 2017-01-30

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