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The Launch Holds Text Message Service
will close down as of 2011-11-30
Please see our Closing Notice

With the closing of our text message service provider, UPOC.Com, we are closing our Launch Status Text Message Service as of 2011-11-30.

Please visit (and bookmark) M.SpaceLaunchInfo.Com (the 'M' stands for 'Mobile') on your mobile phone web browser, and use Menu Choice 1 for the latest status report on the next mission launching from The Canaveral Spaceport. Data rates will apply.

I hope this new level of service will be acceptable to our friends and fans. Pleae click the link for a lengthier explaination of the situation. Thank you.

"Holds" are built into any countdown, but it's the unexpected holds that get people biting their nails when they know it's past the scheduled time for the rocket to launch. The flight could even be "scrubbed" (cancelled), and folk's standing by the shore of the Indian River might not even know it. is now providing a service to notify people of holds in the countdown, and scrubs if they occur, via SMS (Short Message Service), the text messaging service of your mobile phone. We use UPOC.Com rather than Twitter so that our messages are not mixed in with all your other Twitter messages.

We try to send out one status message a week, until the countdown starts, and then keep the messages down to a minimum, since we realize not everyone has a Text Message package from their carrier. When there are holds and scrubs, though, the messages will fly!

Companies interested in sponsoring the service should contact Robert Osband by dialing 3-2-1-Liftoff (+1 321 543 8633).

If you'll be along the Indian River or Atlantic Coast
waiting for a launch, sign up for SMS Text Messages
to be sent to your mobile phone with the latest launch
hold, and scrub updates.

The service is free. Your regular
text messaging rates will apply.

Sign up for Launch Holds
mobile alerts right here:
Launch Holds & Scrubs
mobile phone #
birth date
You can also register at UPOC.Com and join other text messaging communities as well, or start your own.

Or send a Text Message to 8762
with the text "join launchholds"

Next Launch
February 16, 5:46 pmEST

  • MUOS 1, Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) 1 satellite for the U.S. Navy providing narrowband tactical communications.
    • Booster: Atlas V
    • Launch date: 2012-02-16, 5:46 pmEST (22:46 UTC)

    For status updates of this launch on your mobile phone, Visit http://LaunchInfo.Com on your phone's web browser, and tap 1 on your dialpad. Data rates apply.

  • Dragon C2, The COTS-2 Mission will demonstrate rendezvous and berthing with the International Space Station. The Dragon capsule is being developed under NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program.
    • Booster: Falcon 9
    • Launch date: 2012-03-xx

  • AEHF 2, Advanced Extremely High Frequency Satellite, a communications satellite for the DoD.
    • Booster: Atlas V
    • Launch date: 2012-04-27

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Complete Canaveral Spaceport Launch Calendar

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