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.. Psyche, 2022-08-06, A mission of discovery to the asteroid of the same name, on a Falcon Heavy rocket for NASA. AX-1, 2022-02-21, A tourist mission to the International Space Station via a Dragon 2 capsule on a Falcon 9 Booster. NEXT ==>
STP-3, 2022-11-22 X:xx pmEST, STP-3 includes the STPSat-6 satellite with the NASA's Space and Atmospheric Burst Reporting System-3, NASA's Laser Communications Relay Demonstration payload, and six secondary payloads for the US Air Force. STPSat-6 is destined for an orbit slightly above the geostationary orbit. Starlink-4-3.pdf, 2021-12-01 01:36 am EST. Multiple Starlink satellites being sent to a new 'orbital shell'. Crew 3, 2021-11-06 11:36 pmEDT = A Dragon Capsule ride for 4 astronauts to the ISS. Lucy, 2021-10-16, 05:34 amEDT = A NASA probe to visit Trojan Asteroids which populate the orbit of Julpiter. Inspiration4 Landing, 2021-09-18 7:04 pmEDT 00:02 UTC Four civilian astronauts will return to Earth after riding a Crew Dragon Casule named Resiliance on a Falcon 9 booster for 3 days of orbiting the Earth. Inspiration4Launch, 2021-09-15 8:02 pmEDT 00:02 UTC Four civilian astronauts will launch in a Crew Dragon Casule named Resiliance on a Falcon 9 booster from Launch Complex 39A for 3 days of orbiting the Earth.

SPX-23.pdf, 2021-08-29 03:14 amEDT (07:14 UTC), SpaceX 23 aka CRS-23 is a Commercial ReSupply Services mission to the ISS using a Dragon 2 Capsule to the ISS.

DM-2.pdf 2020-05-30, 3:22 pmEDT Crew Dragon Demo 2, First manned launch to the ISS from Canaveral since 2011 Starlink07.pdf, Starlink 7, 2020-05-20, X:xx amEDT (XX:xx UTC) USSF-7, Launch of the OTV-6 mission of an Orbital Test Vehicle. 2020-05-16, 8:24 amEDT (12:24 UTC) Starlink06.pdf, Starlink 6, 2020-04-22, 3:30:30 pmEDT (19:30:30 UTC) GPS-III-A03.pdf, GPS III SV03, 2020-06-30, 4:10 pmEDT 20:10 UTC Matthew Henson Columbus? AEHF06.pdf, 2020-03-26, 4:18 pmEDT (20:18 UTC) AEHF05.pdf, 2020-03-18 8:21 amEDT (12:21 UTC) AEHF04.pdf, 2020-02-17 10:25 amEST (15:25 UTC) AEHF03.pdf, 2020-01-29 9:09 amEST (14:09 UTC) Booklet-Starlink02.pdf, Starlink 2, 2020-01-03, 11:20 pmEDT (04:20 UTC +1 day) StarlinerOFT.pdf, An unmanned test flight of a capsule to be used for manned flights inthe future. 2019-12-20, 06:36 amEST GPS-III-A04.pdf, GPS-III SV04 2019-08-22 9:06 pmEDT 13:06 UTC Magellan Booklet-Starlink01.pdf, 2019-05-15, 10:30 pmEDT (02:20 UTC +1 day) JC-Kacific.pdf, 20019-12-16 7:10 pmEST (00:10 UTC + 1 day) BookletAEHF5.pdf, 2019-08-08, 6:13 amEDT (08-08 10:13 UTC) BookletICON.pdf, 2019-05-xx, TBD Booklet-ArabSat6A.pdf 2019-04-11, 6:36 pmEDT (22:36 UTC) Booklet-SPX-17.pdf, 2019-05-01, 03:59 amEDT (07:59 UTC) Booklet-ArabSat6A0410SCRUB.pdf 2019-04-10 06:35 pmEDT Booklet-ArabSat6A-OLD.pdf 2019-04-07, 6:36 pmEDT (22:36 UTC) (DELAY) Booklet-WGS-10.pdf 2019-03-15, 6:56 pmEDT (scheduled) 8:26 pmEDT, 00:26 UTC actual Booklet-DragonCrewDemo1.pdf 2019-03-02 02:48 amEST Booklet-psn6.pdf 2019-02-21 8:45 EST (02-22 01:45 UTC) Booklet-GPS-III-A01.pdf 2018-12-23, 8:51 amEST Vespucci 2018-12-18, 9:24 amEST (Scrubbed) Booklet-SPX-16.pdf, 2018-12-04 1:38 pmEST Booklet-SPX-16-Bad.pdf, 2018-12-04 1:38 pmEST BookletEs-Hail2.pdf, 2018-11-15, 3:46 pmEST (20:46 UTC) BookletAEHF4.pdf, 2018-10-17, 12:15 amEDT (10-18 00:15 UTC) BookletTelesat18V.pdf, 2018-08-26 11:33 pmEDT BookletTelesat19V.pdf, 2018-07-22 01:50 amEDT Booklet-SPX-15.pdf, 201-06-29, 05:41 amEDT Booklet-SES-12.pdf, 2018-06-01 Booklet-Bangabandhu.pdf, 2018-05-11 - Bangabandhu Launch Booklet Booklet-BangabandhuOLD.pdf, 2018-05-10 Launch Attempt Booklet Booklet-TESS.pdf, 2018-04-18 - TESS Satellite Launch Booklet BookletAFSPC11.pdf, 2018-04-14 - AFSPC-11 Launch Booklet Booklet-GOES-S.pdf, 2018-03-01 - GOES-S Launch Booklet BookletHispasat-9.pdf bookletExplorerI.pdf, 1958-01-31      = Non-Space related Booklets: BookletCopa.pdf, 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia SmartWatch.pdf, Article on e-mail security. PH2soccer.pdf, Booklet on Soccer Schedule web sites such as Copa.Mobi and O-City.Mobi TelTag.pdf, How I got Firefox to accept the TEL tag (A Cheshire Catalyst article) Launch Booklets are Copyright PHonePHriendly.Com