Fan Mail - 2019-07-11
Subj: SpaceX Falcon Heavy STP-2 Launch - Space View Park 25JUN19
From: Trevor White (trevor.white@??? 
Date: Thursday, July 11, 2019, 7:28 AM EDT

Hi Ozzie

I hope this reaches you - - I've been looking for an email address 
for you on lots of websites and hope that one of these will actually 
reach you!
I'm just back (in the UK) from a family vacation to Florida - during 
which we had the utmost pleasure of meeting you at Space View Park, 
Titusville for the launch of the Falcon Heavy STP-2 mission at 
0230hrs on the 25JUN19. This was the first rocket launch that myself 
and family had witnessed and I wanted to reach out to you to let 
you know how much YOU added to the experience of seeing the 
launch - - thank you for your commentary on what to expect and 
where to look and most of all for happily sharing the vast information 
you know and answering our questions - - you truly added GREATLY to 
our evening and night and learnt a great deal - - - your enthusiasm 
was much appreciated by us and it's fantastic that you do 
this - - - - -  

a true legend in our eyes and we THANK YOU very much. A great 
experience made all the more better by your input! (Hope to meet 
you again in Space View Park in the future!).

I sincerely hope that one of these email addresses actually reaches 
you - thank you, again. 

Kind regards 
Trevor White