How to get to
Space View Park
in Titusville FL

There are better places to watch
a rocket launch from, but can you get there?

Directions to SVP
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STS-115 rises from Launch Complex 39B
at the Kennedy Space Center

Space View Park

The best place to view a
space launch - if you haven't
got a NASA pass.

Due to damage from Hurricane Irma, Launch Audio is now
in Veterans Memorial Park, colocated with Space View Park.

Space View Park is located in Titusville Florida directly across the Indian River from NASA's Launch Complex 39 at the Kennedy Space Center. Check the Launch Schedule.

Find your way to the Eastbound routes of State Route 528, SR-50, or SR-46 to Interstate 95. Drivers on SR-528, the Beach-Line Expressway, and SR-50need to turn onto I-95 North. Drivers from SR-46 drive I-95 South.Take I-95 to Exit 220 at State Road 406. This is the exit for the Canaveral National Seashore, and the Merritt Island NationalWildlife Refuge.

Take SR-406 (Garden St to the locals) East 2 miles. Don't just pass by the local "fast food" outlets you find on SR-406 - pick up a "Fast Food Picnic". Proceed along Garden St to US-1 and turn right onto US-1 between the 7-Eleven, and the CVS drug store. Just past the CVS driveway is Broad Street.Turn left onto Broad Street, and follow it to the end.

If the Street parking on the left is full, Parking behind the Wells Fargo Bank on your right is now $20/car (which supports the American Space Mudeum a few blocks away), but you can park for free along Broad St, or Indian River Ave. The park is on Broad St at the Indian River.

Download an "Hourly Chime" app (a) to your smartphone, and when it "dings" , tune to 90.7 FM for the NPR newscast that starts at one minute past the hour. If they scrub the launch while you're enroute, it should get reported there.

You should get to Space View Park at least a half hour before launch and a picnic is one way to pass the time. Don't forget lawn chairs and a good book. Or two. Unmanned launches not going to the International Space Station can have long launch delays, and still get off the ground. To check on launch status with the web browser on your mobile phone. Visit LaunchInfo.Com and press 1 on your phone's number pad, or tap the "1" key on the screen on a touch screen phone.

Suggestion: Pick up lawn chairs and other "day at the beach" supplies at the local Walgreens, WalMart, or CVS in Titusville. That way you support the local economy.

On a good, clear day the rocket can be viewed for about Four minutes in total. With binoculars, the launch can be tracked for longer.

Check out the Space Walk Of Fame Museum, just a few blocks away at 308 Pine St (open 10am to 4pm Mon thru Sat). This place has things the Smithsonian can't get a hold of, because most of it actually belongs to the 'space-workers' themselves, and is merely on loan to the Museum. It's the momentos and souvenirs of the men and women who built the space center, and the rockets that carried men and metal into space.

A Launch is the world's longest "Tailgate Party"
for the world's shortest "game".
            - John Oster

Don't Forget Sun Block!


28N36'49"     080W48'14"
28° 36.8166'N     080° 48.2333'W
28.6136 / -80.8038
17R NM 19121 65213

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Need launch status, and the only Internet browser you have is in your phone?
http:// S.PH2.Mobi
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Photo by Ozzie@SpaceyIdeas.Com

STS-91 Launches out of Launch Pad 39-A
as seen from Space View Park.


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